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Solar Films
Solar films

Years of R&D among leading module manufacturers have demonstrated that most photovoltaic applications require an integrated films solution. We offer formulations for crystalline cells and thin film cells – for encapsulation of flexible modules, glass modules and more. Our experience encompasses the following range of photovoltaic film applications:

  • Amorphous / Microcrystalline Silicone
  • CIS / CIGS
  • Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)
  • Crystalline Silicone
  • Dye Solar Cells
  • Your Technology
Jurasol™ Method Proven Superior

The Jurasol™ encapsulation method surrounds the sensitive silicon in the photovoltaic module, as well as the electric connections of the silicon. The film assures optimum connection between the front glass and the backside material, while accounting for adhesion, amicability with other materials, longevity, and extraordinary optical properties.

  • Thermoplastic encapsulant
  • No cross-linking required
  • Fast lamination times
  • Low water vapor transmission rate
  • Low water absorption
  • Non-corrosive during lamination
  • No acetic acid release